Monthly Archives: February 2012

Introducing Component Trading: a new model for government

We invited several senior procurement professionals with experience working across the public sector to a breakfast briefing, where I outlined what I believe could be a useful way of thinking about public service design and delivery.

The main idea is that progressive dis-integration of traditional service silos within government into separate, interoperable components will allow people to ‘trade’ these in such a way as to obtain best value for money.  … Read more

A quiet revolution: Podcast

Dr Mark Thompson co-author of the paper Why Government IT Should Never Be The Same Again explains why the approach to public services is shifting as a result of major changes in technology that are potentially driving major savings through new Google-like or Amazon-like open-business models across non-traditional businesses.… Read more

Welcome to a new site about organisational Openness

Hi there,

I’m just setting up this site as a place for a variety of related activities that I’m engaged in that relate to the notions of emergence and Openness.  Although these ideas have academic and theoretical underpinnings, their implications and potential impact on the organisational world are very practical indeed.… Read more