China speaks, I listen

China speaks, I listen

What are the real issues that Chinese business people are currently working on? There is only one way to find out, and that is to work with them and ask them. So although Cambridge Judge Business School has been active in China for many years, that is exactly what we did this September, at theRead more

How to avoid your goals getting lost in translation

How to avoid your goals getting lost in translation

It’s all very well having strategic aims at the top of the business, but how do you filter these down throughout the company in a meaningful way? Fifteen years ago, I ran a project for the senior research and development team at a large industrial organisation. The team was struggling to connect their day-to-day workRead more

Culture clash: What a CEO’s style says about their business

Culture clash: What a CEO’s style says about their business

Different types of cultures place different demands on a CEO, but is it culture or leaders that determines behaviour? Recently, I was asked by a bank what kind of a CEO a bank might need to shape its culture. But hang on: do CEOs shape culture? I have heard several CEOs say: “When I cameRead more

Want to deal with hubris? Start with yourself

Want to deal with hubris? Start with yourself

Hubris. Over-confidence. Egomania. We all know companies and departments who have become less effective because one individual conflates their own needs with those of the organisation, while holding everyone else in contempt. They are narcissists who make life unpleasant for all of us normal people. Indeed, hubris is widely seen as a medical condition toRead more

Don’t fall for the EU fearmongering

You’ve got to ride the big wave when it comes in, and Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), is certainly enjoying his at the moment. No one can really know how long the UKIP bounce will last. It is also true that a shift to the right is echoed in otherRead more

The real value of deep engagement

What sets us apart here at Cambridge Judge Business School is a focus on deep engagement. Deep what, I hear you ask? Deep engagement – or, to put it another way, engagement at the point where research and the messy real world of management intersect. It might surprise some of you that pure research andRead more

Relatively speaking

The Cambridge Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein is reported to have said that at times he felt as if he was writing for “people who would think in a different way, who breathe a different air of life, from that of present-day men”. Perhaps therefore Wittgenstein might have smiled knowingly had he contemplated how, 60 or moreRead more

What CEOS really think about sustainability

Last week, I attended a meeting of the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) Advisory Board, a sister department of CJBS. At the meeting, attended by very senior leaders of well-known companies, including resource companies, banks, and consumer goods, I was struck how far the debate on sustainability and social responsibility has moved beyond theRead more

We’re all in the same boat, but it’s sinking – what shall we do?

This is my summer blog post – meaning that I am on vacation and have some time to raise my head above the parapet and think about other things. The world is flat, and we are being attacked by black swans — events arising from correlations of economic incidents across the whole world. Globally, humansRead more

A call for engagement

The Financial Times has just printed an interview with me, along with its view of what we, Cambridge Judge Business School, stand for. I would like to take this opportunity to add a few words of my own. At the heart of our strategy are excellence, engagement and impact, both in education and in research.Read more

Making an impact – not just talking the talk

A few weeks ago I read a column about another (very well-known) business school, which announced with great fanfare how they are globalising: they will send their entire class of MBA students on a week-long visit to far flung countries and continents, during which the students will tour companies, watching presentations and discussing with localRead more

What keeps me awake at night?

I have just come back from Hong Kong, where I participated in the University of Cambridge’s first international alumni conference. There were more than 150 alumni attending, and we heard great talks on physics, biochemistry and sociology. There was also a panel discussion in which two College Masters, the Vice-Chancellor and I were asked: “InRead more

Cambridge Judge Business School entrepreneurship at the fore

Hello, everyone. Last time, I promised that I would tell you something about our emerging strategy at Cambridge Judge Business School. It has a number of dimensions, including research, executive education, PhD training and entrepreneurship. But that’s too much to discuss in one blog post, so I’ll take it in parts – and today, I’llRead more

Lessons of the latest FT MBA rankings

This is my first blog post as Director of Cambridge Judge Business School. Five months into my tenure, I have already spoken with many of our alumni and other interested parties. For example, I have just returned from Abu Dhabi, where I met up with alumni, corporations, government bodies, and the UAE University as aRead more

New Year greetings

This year will be an exciting one for Cambridge Judge Business School and – I hope – for all our alumni. We will build on the firm foundations laid by our last two directors, Professor Dame Sandra Dawson and Professor Arnoud De Meyer, and push them further, using our collective strengths to realise our fullRead more